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Safety Audits

Improving gas safety & efficiency

Our concern for safety extends beyond production and transport of gases to include the on-site use of gases by our customers, as well as the impact they have on the environment.

While a necessary component of today’s industrial, medical and scientific processes, compressed specialty gases (especially under high-pressure) can pose significant safety hazards if not handled properly.

To help minimize risk, Air Liquide conducts an on-site survey of how the gases used are stored, transported within your facility, and distributed to your point of use. Our goal is to objectively identify potential health and safety hazards, as well as procedures that may be impeding your efficiency.

After completing our inspection, we will provide you with a report that details our findings and includes recommended measures for reducing potential hazards and improving gas handling efficiency. This service is offered complimentary to our customers.


  • Create best-practice safety awareness among your employees quickly and economically
  • Help eliminate downtime caused by equipment failure
  • Increase process efficiency and product time-to-market speed
  • Increase effective service life of valuable instruments, equipment and other assets