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Renewable Energy

Air Liquide aims to power the world with clean and renewable energy sources. We innovate to develop sustainable energy solutions for the transportation, materials handling and electrical power sectors. Air Liquide is a key player in the fast-growing hydrogen energy sector, with expertise in hydrogen production, fueling infrastructure, and uses for the end user. Our renewable energy activities extend to solutions to capture and upgrade biogas from sources like landfills and wastewater sludge to produce clean and renewable natural gas that can be used for power, heating, or transportation.

Why choose us?

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    Innovation powerhouse

    Air Liquide drives innovation in clean energy solutions, offering sustainable energy sources to replace fossil fuels.

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    World-class expertise

    Focused on performance, we go beyond gas and propose a full expertise for client needs. We work with our customers in the way that suits them best.

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    Mastering application

    At Air Liquide, we master applications using gas technology to develop sustainable energy solutions.