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Trust in performance

EXELTOP™ is designed for gas users for whom ergonomics, cost efficiency, product accuracy and maximum safety are key decision-making factors. It is dedicated to professionals and industries in the metal fabrication and construction fields, providing the best in:

  • Stability and accuracy for high performance gas operation, with a two-stage built-in regulator
  • Quick and safe connection every time – quick connect available for all gases
  • Intuitive, easy to use design – newly designed on/off lever, new graduated hand wheel
  • Safety – built to resist with a strengthened guard – round shape metallic cap

EXELTOP™ is available for ARCAL™ premium gas range dedicated to arc welding and for flame applications - oxygen/acetylene. We combine the best technologies and expertise from research and welding teams, to bring​ higher ​performance, ​ease of use and safety to our clients. EXELTOP™ has been developed conjointly by our Research & Development and Air Liquide Welding teams.