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Cryogenic bottom injection

Cryogenic bottom injection is the ideal solution for temperature control of meats, seafood, dough, and a variety of processed foods during the mixing, kneading or grinding processes. Our innovative cryogenic bottom injection technology injects either liquid nitrogen (LIN) or liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) into the bottom of a mixer or grinder to help ensure proper penetration, resulting in improved temperature control and forming, higher quality and throughput. Our bottom injection solutions combine high-quality food-grade gases with optimally designed equipment to achieve uniform and fast cooling through multiple injection points, as well as increased efficiency and quality. 


Air Liquide offers food-grade liquid nitrogen and liquid carbon dioxide for cryogenic bottom injection.


We supply industry-leading equipment for cryogenic bottom injection, including a liquid nitrogen sanitary injection system. 


Air Liquide’s food industry experts will assist you with integrating bottom injection systems into existing or new installations. We also assist with mixer and grinder conversions.