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Premium range of specialty pure gases for analytical applications

Premium specialty gases for analytical applications

We offer a choice of two purities for helium, argon, nitrogen, hydrogen, air and oxygen available in gaseous form or liquid form:

  • ALPHAGAZ™ 1: the commitment to quality for % to 10 ppm analysis. It eliminates the guesswork when choosing which grade of pure gas is correct for you application – one level of purity meets most requirements recommended for most carrier, purge and zero gases, making ALPHAGAZ™ 1 a cost-effective choice for just about any laboratory, analytic, process control and scientific research application.
  • ALPHAGAZ™ 2: the commitment to highest purity for high precision ppm to ppb analysis. It provides ultra-high purity for the most critical laboratory, analytic and process control applications. These include petrochemicals for both laboratory and process control, electronics and optoelectronics, scientific research and many others in which guaranteed low impurity levels are essential.

Cryogenic solutions are also available for ALPHAGAZ™ pure argon, helium and nitrogen. These gases in cryogenic liquid form have the same purity specifications as ALPHAGAZ™ 1 and are useful when large volumes of gas are needed, such as nitrogen or argon used with ICP and FTIR instruments, or helium for cooling magnets in instruments such as NMR spectrometers.

Our ALPHAGAZ™ brand specialty pure gases come with SMARTOP™, a smart and unique residual pressure valve that simplifies gas handling and improves safety. It is equipped with an on/off lever and a permanent pressure gauge, allowing you to check the content of your cylinder anytime.