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The highest quality and safety in food-grade gases

By preserving the freshest characteristics of food and extending shelf life, ALIGAL™ food-quality gases empower food processors and retailers to: Reduce product returns Greater flexibility in production scheduling Improve product consistency Control inventory more effectively and economically Distribute products over greater distances Strengthen the branding of value-added products ALIGAL™ pure gases and gas mixtures preserve the natural color and flavor of fresh food and beverages while inhibiting spoilage due to oxidation, bacteria and mold. Each ALIGAL™ protective atmosphere gas has been scientifically formulated to address the specific shelf life requirements of a wide selection of food, ranging from case-ready meats, fresh poultry, processed meats, cheese and freshly cut salads to prepared entrées, fresh pasta, sandwich kits, snack foods and bakery products. ALIGAL™ gases are available in a range of blends appropriate to specific foods and meet standards for approved food packaging uses. They are colorless and odorless and comply with procedure controls and quality assurance throughout the production process. Strict filling and testing procedures assure a consistent and quality product. Beverage-quality ALIGAL™ gases help eliminate flat beer, airborne bacteria and odors associated with air compressors. They also improve shelf life with oxygen reduction via purging or dosing, as well as quality control for better product consistency. Optimized carbon dioxide ranges and packaging options deliver purity to suit any application.

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